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Executive Director Position

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Do you believe that civic participation strengthens democracy? If you have a passion for knowledge and fostering community engagement then join us as the City Club’s next Executive Director.

Position Description (as of September 1, 2017):
Executive Director
City Club of Eugene


This position reports to the President of the City Club of Eugene’s Board of Directors and works closely with the Board and other volunteers. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the long-term strategic organizational development efforts, including but not limited to: Actively managing all affairs and operations of the organization, within the limits established by CCE bylaws and policies, in pursuit of City Club of Eugene’s mission and vision; City Club’s fundraising and development, staff supervision, programs and events, coordination; membership outreach and retention, research and open inquiry agenda, and community relationships.


Under the guidance of CCE’s Board president and Board of Directors, the Executive Director serves as the chief executive of the City Club of Eugene (CCE) and is responsible for actively managing all affairs and operations of the organization, within the limits established by CCE bylaws and policies, in pursuit of City Club of Eugene’s mission and vision; and to achieve the stated purposes (ends) and established goals.

Primary responsibilities include leading all of the programs of City Club with a strong emphasis on the quality, success and balanced of weekly (or stated scheduled) forums and monthly after hours events; maintaining a transparent, empowering team culture internally; building strong ties with other key organizations in Eugene/Springfield and elsewhere; and enabling the president and executive team to better represent CCE increasing our visibility regionally.

Relationship with Board. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board president and to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for governing City Club of Eugene and setting the organization’s goals and policies. The Executive Director must effectively communicate with and support the Board of Directors. The Executive Director:

  • Collaborate with board, staff and members, to create and execute a strategic plan for programs, events, forums and fundraising goals.
  • Provides effective staff support to the board and its committees
  • Communicates regularly with the board, fully informing board members of any significant progress and problems
  • In partnership with board, staff, and members, lead development efforts to diversify funds and donors, and grow membership
  • Assists in board recruitment, orientation, and development
  • Develops specific operational policies, procedures, and programs to implement general policies established by the Board of Directors
  • Represent City Club with public, foundation, corporate, and individual donors and sponsors
  • Work strategically with the board and staff to ensure that City Club’s board and committee leadership reflects Eugene and Oregon
  • Create and maintain strong relationships with decision makers, community organizations and community leaders.
  • Manage and facilitate staff and member-volunteer structures to ensure collaboration and connections across City Club of Eugene’s programming
  • Create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where all people feel welcome, respected and honored
  • Involve people meaningfully and efficiently in planning and decision making processes

City Club Operational Development and Promotion. The Executive Director works closely with the board to develop and promote CCE’s strategic plan, programs and strategies. The Executive Director:

  • Establishes and maintains basic familiarity with all aspects of CCE’s key policy areas
  • Builds broad support and implementation of City Club programs and objectives by developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with Board and Operational committees, volunteers and other key interest and stakeholder groups and individuals
  • Works with the Board to develop and implement board and operational policies
  • Serves as the Registered Agent of City Club of Eugene for the State of Oregon

Directly supervises volunteers in the areas of Programs, Finance/Sponsorships, Marketing, and Membership in actual implementation of organizational programs.

Financial Management. The Executive Director is responsible for City Club’s financial health and stability. The Executive Director must effectively and responsibly manage available resources and match them to City Club of Eugene’s mission. The Executive Director:

  • With the Board’s Treasurer and CCE’s accountant, develops and executes annual budgets
  • Oversees implementation of CCE’s sponsorship policy
  • Ensures that City Club of Eugene meets all legal obligations concerning financial
    management, accounting, bookkeeping, reporting, taxes, etc.

Marketing and Outreach. The Executive Director is the primary public “face” of the City Club of Eugene and is responsible for increasing the visibility and base of support. The Executive Director:

  • Builds and maintains a highly visible public presence and that of leadership of City Club of Eugene
  • Seeks opportunities to increase the organization’s profile and strengthen connections with our membership and other key stakeholders
  • Accomplishes all public relations and promotion programs
  • Coordinates volunteers to ensure that program work is integrated with
    fundraising, marketing, and other organizational goals
  • Ensures that our work tells a compelling story consistent with our core values and desired ends

Programs. The Executive Director is responsible for coordinating all programs of the City Club of Eugene, including mostly and after-hours events and forums.  The Executive Director works closely with the Program Committee and those volunteers responsible for monthly Forum programming. The Executive Director:

  • Maintains a process that insures optimum promotion of Forum attendance and program participation
  • Collaborates with other organizations and agencies to provide programs
  • Communicates program information to members and the public
  • Strives to insure that City Club is the forum of choice in our region

Membership. The Executive Director is responsible for coordinating City Club of Eugene’s membership program.   The Executive Director works closely with the Membership Committee and those volunteers responsible for monthly and annual membership programming. The Executive Director:

  • Maintains a process that insures optimum promotion of membership in City Club and member participation in City Club activities
  • Collaborates with other community organizations and agencies to consider membership support and individual participation
  • Communicates membership information to existing members and the public
  • Maintains all administrative processes necessary to support a strong membership

Fundraising. The Executive Director is responsible for securing funds necessary to achieve CCE’s mission and annual work plan/budget. The Director must work effectively with the Fundraising Committee, board and volunteers to identify and secure funds from a variety of sources. The Executive Director:

  • Works with the Fundraising Committee, Board and volunteers to develop and execute fundraising plans
  • Cultivates strong relationships with foundation, government, and corporate
    supporters and sponsors
  • Expands City Club of Eugene’s base of individual support through an ambitious donor fundraising campaign


Commitment to and knowledge of issues impacting Eugene and Oregon.

Connections to the civic community of the Eugene area.

Fiscal management experience, including developing and managing budgets. Must be financially trustworthy.

Excellent writing, communication, and collaboration skills.

Successful track record in development, fund-raising, or friend-raising.

Experience working effectively in a team and/or member-driven environment.

Ability to be present at CCE meetings (every Friday from 11:00am — 2:00pm), monthly CCE Board meetings (4th Wednesday of each month from 12:00pm — 1:30pm), and other meetings as needed.

Must be computer literate. Preferred requirements: Experience with MS Word, Excel, MS Office, and other software.

Must have the skill and responsibility to maintain a Web site.

Must be able to interact positively with a wide variety of people.

Must be an independent worker with good task-management skills.

Must be able to carry at least 25 pounds.

Must be able to go up and down a flight of stairs.

Must have access to vehicle and valid driver license and insurance.