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In January of 2016, armed occupiers from outside Oregon took over the Malheur National Wildlife Preserve in Harney County, making national news for weeks.  In the end, the collaborations processes in place in Harney County allowed the community to rally and resist the call of the occupiers to confront.  How did that happen?  What lessons can be learned to help other communities solve problems.


On September 27, we will hear Part 2 of the Malheur program, featuring some of the people who founded and guided the collaborative process in Harney County long before the occupation. They include Chad Karges of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Gary Marshall, a rancher, who were founders of the High Desert Partnership, of which Brenda Smith is the Executive Director. Dan Nichols is a rancher and has been a Harney County Commissioner.  The program will take place at noon in Room 190 of the Science Building at Central Oregon Community College in Bend and be live streamed on the City Club of Central Oregon’s Facebook page back to usual Eugene Friday Forum meeting.

You may wish to take the ride to Bend to see it live with members of the City Club of Central Oregon. If you wish to attend please notify Joel Korin at joelkorin@gmail.com  no later than September 9, 2019.