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Speaker: Frank Lawson, General Manager of EWEB

First Questioner: Matt McRae, Climate Policy Strategist, Our Children’s Trust

Program Coordinators: Joel Korin and Paul Thompson

EWEB General Manager Frank Lawson will discuss EWEB’s new strategic plan. What changes are in store for the local supply of electricity and water? More importantly, what changes are in store for monthly bills? Is Eugene assured of a steady supply of clean, affordable power? Can we have a power supply that simultaneously makes both economic and environmental sense? Can carbon pricing really work for EWEB? Lawson will address these topics and more. There will be plenty of time for Q & A on this and other recent developments at EWEB.

It may be Friday the 13th, but don’t be afraid to come out and learn about what’s happening at the utility that you own!

Speaker Biography:

Frank Lawson has been EWEB’s general manager since 2016. In this position, he answers to the five-member elected Board of Commissioners. As Oregon’s largest public municipal utility, EWEB serves about 90,000 electric customers and 52,000 water customers. EWEB has over 500 employees and annual revenues are about $300 million.

Frank is a Eugene native. He graduated from South Eugene High School. He holds an engineering degree from Oregon State University. After spending almost three decades in the private sector he moved back to his hometown to take a position at EWEB as the electric systems engineering supervisor in 2010.


New and Improved Lunches This Week

This upcoming forum will be the first week that we are rolling out a test run of an upgraded lunch service. We will have a sandwich bar featuring turkey, roast beef, ham, and vegetarian sandwiches, accompanied by whole fruit, chips, and cookies. As a result of this change, lunch prices will be increased to $15 for members. We will continue to offer Cafe YUMM! on alternating weeks. We have upgraded to a large YUMM bowl and continue to offer fresh salad and cookies. We will also continue to offer a coffee or tea and cookies option.

We welcome suggestions and feedback during this trial period to help determine if this should be a permanent change.