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Coordinated by Joel Korin and Paul Thompson.

There are bills pending in the Oregon Legislature to require employers to pay employees the equivalent of 4 hours work if the employee is called in to work, but due to the employer, does not work a full shift. This applies to many businesses, but particularly restaurants.  The bill also requires employers in certain industries to engage in an interactive process on scheduling and requires employers to give the employees’ requested scheduling unless there is a bona fide business reason.  These and other requirements of the bill are intended to help workers and are favored by some workers and their supporters and strongly opposed by the Oregon Chamber of Commerce and other business groups who refer to the bill as the “Restrictive Scheduling Bill.”

You will learn what benefits and burdens this bill, if passed, would create for the parties and what the spillover effect would be on the public.   You will hear about polling and studies done by both sides on this important issue.

Kevin Billman is the Director of Legislative and Community Action for the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555. The UFCW represents many retail workers and is actively supporting the legislation. Kevin is a native Oregonian born and raised in Philomath. He started working in the Retail industry in 1982 while still in High School.  Over the years he has worked in almost all departments at a grocery store including being a meat cutter.  He has been active in the United Food and Commercial Workers union where he started as a volunteer Shop Steward, and then was elected to an Executive Board position, which he still holds. He was hired as an employee of the union in 2005.  He’s been married for 25 years and have two teenage boys. When not working he spends time with my family, preferably outdoors.

Mike Nesbitt is President of the Papa’s Group, owners of the Papa’s Pizza restaurants.  He serves as President of the Oregon Restaurant Association and is spending quite a bit of time in Salem, talking to legislators about this bill.  Mike started at Papa’s part time while in college when called by a former scout-master called and offered a him a part time job.  That led to full time employment with Papas for 17 years.  When the pervious owner retired, he and some others bought the company.  He has been running the company for the past twelve years.  He is looking to Idaho to open his next Papa’s location.  He enjoys the outdoors, including fishing, hunting and camping with his two golden retrievers.

First Questioner: Marcus Widenor, Professor Emeritus UO

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