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Since it began in 1990, City Club of Eugene has been led by 30 presidents.  Eight of them will share their insights about the founding and early history of the club and how it has evolved over the years.  They will talk about the achievements and disappointments during their presidencies.  More importantly, they will explain what they think City Club means to Eugene and what they would like to see in the City Club of tomorrow.

Speakers: Liz Cawood, Don Kahle, Dan Bryant, Jerry Diethelm, Pat Skipper, Marlene Nessary, Joel Korin and Jean Tate

Come on out–hear the wisdom of experience, connect with old friends, and ask questions about both the past and future.

Presidents of City Club 1990 -2019:

1990-1992  Gerry Gaydos

1992-1993  Gretchen Miller

1993-1994  Bill Sheppard

1919-1995  Jim Forbes

1995-1996  Don Corson

1996-1997  Liz Cawood

1997-1998  Alan Zelenka

1998-1999  Susan Ban

1999-2000  Kathy Madison

2000-2001  Dave Pompel

2001-2002-Don Kahle

2002-2003  Dan Bryant

2003-2004 Carolyn Kranzler

2004-2005  Adele McMillan (Deceased)


2005-2006  Tom Lininger

2006-2007  Rick Dancer

2007-2008  Pat Skipper

2008-2009  Carman Urbina

2009-2010  Jerry Diethelm

2010-2011  Rick Gates

2011-2012  Mary Leighton

2012-2014  Marty Wilde

2014-2015  Marlene Nessary

2015-2016  James Baldock

2016-2017  Juan Carlos Valle

2017-2018  Sandra Bishop

2018-2019  Joel Korin


Coordinators: Gerry Gaydos and Joel Korin