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Speakers:                     Brian Rooney, Regional Economist, OED

First Question:           Summer Highfill

Coordinator:               Mary Leighton

Adults often ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In modern times, however, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, people between the ages of 18 and 48 will have at least 10 different jobs. More than a quarter will have 15! Hardly anyone has just a single career.  So now the question must be, “What are the jobs you hope to have?” And we are frequently told some of the jobs that will eventually engage new members of the workforce haven’t yet been created. In this region, the array of industries is broad, and job seekers of all ages have rich opportunities for work. Our economic activity has adapted nimbly to evolving insights about resource management and new demands for products and services.

Brian Rooney, the Oregon Regional Economist stationed in Eugene, will give a review of the currently lively sectors of the state and local economies and a preview of coming attractions. His work involves covering economic conditions in Lane County and estimating current employment by industry. He also gathers and reports wage and income data and demographic statistics. Mr. Rooney has worked for the Oregon Employment Department for more than 20 years. He earned a BA in economics from George Washington University and an MA in economics from Oregon State.

Summer Highfill will ask the first question. She followed family tradition by starting work at a lumber mill. In her second career, she is a teacher of Business Career Pathways at Oregon Connections Academy, an online public charter school.